Harrisons Fund

Virtual Events

The Hawksman 10k
21- 22 November

We're delighted to launch our very own 10K race, kindly sponsored by Hawksman Real Estate.
You can run your 10K anywhere that takes your fancy over the weekend of 21st and 22nd November.

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In return for your entry of £12.50, you'll be a part of Harrison's Racing Team and receive an exclusive running buff which can be worn as a headband, wristband or, usefully in these times, a face coveringThere will be an option to join the Strava group challenge to track your position in the race. You can also choose to run a 5K distance, or a 15K.

Whatever distance you choose, we'd love you to reach a fundraising target of £50.

This is the approximate cost for one hour's physiotherapy for a child with Duchenne.
Put your best foot forward for us and why not encourage those in your 'bubble' to take part with you?

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Birthday For A Birthday Campaign

Everyone loves birthdays!

A Birthday for a Birthday

Could you spare a birthday to give a child with Duchenne another one? Giving up just one of your birthdays can help us fund research into a cure and hopefully extend the lives of children with Duchenne. Kids born with Duchenne don't get  to have as many birthdays as they should. We are working to change that! 

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Most people hope to have at least seventy birthdays in their lifetime which can mean a lot of presents. Some of the birthday presents you receive you may absolutely love, but there will be those which end up being donated to charity shops or  regifted, or sold on eBay.  Children with Duchenne, a life limiting disease, sadly do not live to be 70,  so they have a lot less birthdays than most people. For most of the kids with Duchenne, their life span is merely 20 years. 

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is 100% fatal. Most children with it are usually in a wheelchair by the age of 12. One in 3,500 boys is born with it, and in the UK 2,500 kids have it at the moment. You can have it, no matter where you are or what your ethnic background is. A third of all cases start in the womb, with no warning before the baby is born. Girls can also get Duchenne with around 1% of Duchenne births being female. Most kids with it die in their late teens or early twenties·

It leads to respiratory failure, heart failure, and other debilitating orthopaedic complications. Although we know a lot about how Duchenne is caused, current treatments are pretty limited. Steroids and daily stretching are what most doctors recommend, but they have their drawbacks and don't prevent debilitating muscle contractures.

One of the projects that we are raising funds for is research into anti fibrotic drugs to alleviate these contractures so why not get involved and make a difference.

Decide to give up your birthday and instead donate the cost of your celebrations and ask your friends to donate to Harrison's Fund instead of giving you a present? You can set up your fundraising page here and you won't even have to get sweaty or dirty to feel good!! We will then send you some great tips to help make your fundraising the best it can possibly be. Thank you xx