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Put down the PC and pick up the Pain au Chocolat – it’s Brunch time! Join us this year and make time for children who have very little of it. Whether you’re a big company with multiple departments or a smaller outfit with a close-knit team, it is SO easy to host a Brunch in your workplace and raise money for critically ill children. Here are some ways you can take part - what will suit you best?

Bring Brunch bits! Put up a list of Brunch items in your workplace (there's one in our fundraising pack) and sign up to bring an item. Before you know it you'll have a buffet! Donate what you'd normally spend in a frothy coffee shop and eat your way to a cure for Duchenne.

If you have a customer facing business, sell Brunch foods to your customers for donations- a great way to meet new clients and show what a people-orientated organisation you are!

Support Brunch through your website throughout June and create a special Brunch offer code and option to donate in celebration. We can also give you a trendy badge to put on your website showing you're taking part.

Is your workspace shared with other businesses? Why not collaborate and host a Brunch together? It's a great way of finally chatting to those people you see every day but never get a chance to meet properly!

We know there are the big charities out there with their own events and it’s often hard to decide who to support. By hosting a Brunch this year you will be making a REAL difference in the fight against Duchenne, with every penny raised going to fund a piece of equipment crucial to scientists finding that cure. Thank you for helping us defEAT this catastrophic condition.

Click here and receive a fundraising pack with all the information you need to get started.

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