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Food for Friends

We want a record number of people Brunching for Harrison this year! Whether you are a sporting club, community group or a group of friends up for some fun, anyone and everyone is invited to make time to battle Duchenne.

Harrison’s Brunch is a really flexible event designed to suit the participants. Perhaps your group fancy yourselves as culinary whizz kids and are keen to whip up lavish feasts to spoil your friends? Great- get cooking and save some for us! Maybe your idea of Brunch is more laidback but you’re keen to bring everybody together? Wonderful, taking time to make time is what we’re all about.

Whether you’ll be poaching eggs and sautéing bacon lardons, frying pancakes and pureeing blueberries or simply bringing some croissants, Harrison’s Brunch is a great way of bringing everyone together. Read on for our recipe to Brunch success!

How to host a brilliant brunch
  1. Register your event by clicking here. Your dedicated manager will be in touch shortly to answer any questions you many have and help make it a success!
  2. Get a date in the diary. Find out when your friends are free and book in a date to Brunch. You can hold it anywhere depending on what you want to cook- your own kitchen, a community hall or club or even the park!
  3. Invite, invite, invite! Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Social media is a great way to invite those you don’t see very much to join you for a good old catch up! Create a Facebook event, send an email or even keep it traditional and pop some invites in the post.
  4. Whip up some brunch-a-licious treats! Whether you’ll be taking inspiration from the amazing recipes in our pack or keeping it simple with some tea and toast, now is the time to get organised for the event.
  5. Get Brunching! Have a fantastic time with friends and family and donate any money raised from the Brunch. Use our handy donation form included in the pack to get any money you’ve raised back to us.
  6. Share your Brunch love. Once you have Brunched your socks off, send us some pictures on social media using the hashtag #Harrisonsbrunch or email them over to us at brunch@harrisonsfund.com
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