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Mush Mums making Brunch work!

Parents of toddlers, you know the score- very rarely is food eaten with 2 hands or a hot cup of tea consumed for at least the first 18 months of parenthood, are we right?! You might think the endless toddler wrangling could make hosting a Harrison's Brunch a bit difficult, but not so! The fab entrepreneurs and founders of the nation's top  parental networking app have donated this recipe to us which is sure to be a hit with the little ones. Mums Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz created the Mush app as a means to connect Mums in the same local area on maternity leave facing the same joys and challenges as one another. Harrison's Brunch is a fab way to get friends with children together while you have that much needed natter! These delicious pesto bites are guaranteed to satisfy hungry tummies and can be eaten with little hands on the go. We can vouch that they're not just for kids, having annihilated about 5 of them trying the recipe out ourselves. Give them a go, and who knows, maybe you will get that hot cup of tea after all......

Please join us for Harrison's Brunch this year and check out the yummy recipe below!

Chris Tarrant's Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

We have been so lucky this year that many celebrities have been keen to show their love for Harrison's Brunch! Many have gotten involved by sharing their favourite childhood meal with us, which you can find in our celebrity Brunch video on these pages.

One of the most enthusiastic supporters of Brunch has been TV and Radio legend, Chris Tarrant. Here is his delicious fish and chip butty recipe inspired by his favourite childhood meal, fish fingers and chips. We think this recipe is a real corker if you're in need of something quick and delicious- enjoy!

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