Harrisons Fund

Food for thought

We are delighted that your school is taking part in Harrison’s Brunch this year! Every penny that we make in 2018 will be used to support a clinical trial of pioneering new drug Carmaseal, which could have a vital part to play in the cure against Duchenne.

You can host Harrison’s Brunch at your school in many different ways. We know from our extensive work with schools that every setting has its own requirements and we want Brunch to work for you. Read on to find out some ways that Harrison’s Brunch has been organised in schools in the past.

Organise a non-uniform day with a suggested donation per pupil. Each student brings in an item of Brunch to share with their class at break time. While they munch, give the children paper and pens to draw pictures of the ways they like to spend time together with their own families. Invite parents in at the start of the school day to make a donation and share a simple Brunch with their children before lessons begin. Parents and children can share a story, play a game or just have a good old chat while they eat.
Make Harrison’s Brunch a part of the school curriculum for a day! Tie it in with Food Technology objectives and get the children whipping up a delicious Brunch to sell to their teachers, parents, or a neighbouring class! If your school enjoys learning through topics, why not link with this learning and theme your Brunch e.g. World War two ration cooking or food from other cultures?

Our Fundraising Pack details specific National Curriculum Objectives that can be met by taking park in Brunch. To download your Fundraising Pack register for Brunch here.

Once you’ve registered for Brunch, a dedicated Fundraising manager will be on hand to help you organise things every step of the way.

Thanks so much for your support!

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