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The beauty of Brunch is that schools can make it their own! We know that each school is different and flexibility is key to a great event. Click below to see our suggestions about how you could take part in Brunch in 2019 and put the FUN into fundraising!

Host an early morning Brunch as school begins. Invite parents to stay after school drop off time and have pastries in the playground and some precious family time before lessons begin.

Organise a non-uniform day with a suggested donation per pupil. Each student brings in an item of Brunch to share with their class at break time.

Make Harrison's Brunch a part of the school curriculum for a day! Tie it in with Food Technology objectives and get the children whipping up a delicious Brunch to sell to their teachers and parents!

If your school enjoys learning through topics, why not link with this learning and theme your Brunch e.g. World War two ration cooking or food from another culture?

How about a class vs class Bake Off competition judged by the Headteacher or School Council? 3, 2, 1 BAKE!

Create a pop-up Brunch café at your Summer Fayre with foods made by the students.

Taking part in Brunch is not only great for teaching pupils about social responsibility and helping others, it's good for them, too! Research in 2016 by Kelloggs found that nearly two-thirds of teachers knew of children in their classes that did not eat anything until lunchtime. Getting children involved with Brunch highlights the importance of healthy eating and living well - skills for life.

We would love it if your school could take part in Brunch this year and raise some dough for some seriously ill children. To get involved please register and you'll be sent a fundraising pack with all the information you need to make your event sizzle like a sausage! Thank you!

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