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Fenchurch Insurance Summer Case Study

01 Aug 2019

We are delighted to be partnered with Fenchurch Insurance. They go above and beyond to provide a personal service and a level of expertise to ensure you get the cover you need. Plus, any Harrison's Fund supporters who take out insurance with Fenchurch will be happy to know that they will make a donation of the product cost to us!

Here's a case study from Director, Paul Smith which demonstrates why it's worth getting in touch with him here!

A client that Fenchurch has advised and looked after for many years had the misfortune of having one of their company vehicles stolen. It was parked outside the home of an employee but unfortunately, the home was broken into and the keys were stolen from inside the home. This was during the evening of 8th July 2019.

The Vehicle was located by the police the following day, burnt out at side of road in a nearby town. Our client advised us of incident at 8.30am, on 9th July 2019.

Our replacement van hire company were notified by 9am. A call was made to the client by 11am and the vehicle replacement company arranged for a temporary vehicle to be delivered to the client at an agreed time.

AXA, the insurers were notified of the incident at 10am, and they spoke to the client by midday. AXA then arranged salvage of the vehicle and the vehicle was collected and taken to compound on 11th July 2019.

Currently an offer of £5,400 has been made to the client for acceptance.

What is particularly unusual about this claim, is that in the event of a theft and/or fire, the vast majority of insurers will NOT provide a replacement vehicle. Fortunately, our client accepted our advice to pay a little bit extra every year to have a replacement vehicle option added to his policy. (It only cost £25 for the whole year)

Points to note:

There was no immediate effect on the clients day to day business having lost 1 of his vehicles.

A replacement vehicle was provided within 24 hours at no cost to the client.

Car/van hire can cost from £22.00 per day, two weeks equates to £308.00

From theft of vehicle to offer to settle has taken less than 2 weeks.

Yet another happy Fenchurch client

What don't you contact Fenchurch Insurance Brokers the next time you have a commercial or personal insurance renewal invitation arriving in your inbox. For every client that accepts advice from Fenchurch and a new policy is taken out, Fenchurch arranges a donation to Harrisons Fund. You have nothing to lose and Harrisons gain by your support of our Insurance partner.






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