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Holiday Insurance Tips From Fenchurch Insurance Brokers

23 May 2019

Each month, we bring you some advice or a case study from our partners, Fenchurch Insurance Brokers. This month, we're talking Holiday insurance and here are some top tips from Director Paul Smith. Don't forget that if you take out any insurance with Fenchurch Insurance, they will make a donation to Harrison's Fund. Visit their website here!

If you haven't already planned your summer holiday, then I would have expected that it's on your to-do list. If you're going to leave the UK this summer, then also don't forget to put aside some time to get your holiday insurance arranged. Some clients have holiday insurance already included as part of their current bank account package which makes this item a whole lot simpler, but if you haven't arranged your holiday insurance, then it's better to get it done now than leave it to the last minute. The vast majority of claims on travel insurance relate to medical expenses and as a recent claimant myself, I'm so grateful my own insurer was available to deal with a dislocated jaw, resulting in a visit to an emergency centre and then a transfer to a hospital where I then had to have a minor operation under a full aesthetic to reposition my jaw. Upon my return, my insurer dealt with everything, paid the final bill with the hospital and medical centre at $2319.50. One very expensive yawn!!

Some pointers to remember when you need to make a claim:

  • Keep notes of everything
  • Keep all receipts
  • Report losses to the local police and the hotel
  • Call your insurers and ask for assistance immediately (take the phone number with you along with your policy #)
  • Make sure you declare any current existing or ongoing medical conditions long before you travel otherwise insurers will refuse to pay as a result of non-disclosure.
  • If you're doing any potentially risky sporting / adventure type activities, make sure your insurer will cover you.

We all work hard and save up for some great R&R and spend a lot on holidays but I suggest you don't buy cheap travel insurance. It could be costly or cause immense disappointment and ruin a great & memorable trip.

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