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'I wish my son had cancer'

08 May 2013

Many of you will have seen the advert that ran in the Evening Standard on Weds 8th May and The Independent on Thurs 9th May and I thought it best to explain further why I believe this statement.

For many people the notion of wishing that one of your children had cancer would be a tough message to understand.

How could I wish such a potentially terrible disease that touches so many, myself included, on a loved one, particularly my own child?

The brutal truth of it is that a cancer diagnosis in the vast majority of instances whilst understandably horrible and incredibly hard for all concerned is without doubt a diagnosis I would prefer for my 6 year old son Harrison who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Duchenne currently has no treatments, no cure, is 100% fatal and right now, one day, far too soon, my son will die. No slim chances, no drugs to help, just the certainty of a very short life, marred by a progressive debilitating condition that will leave him unable to move, until his heart or lungs give up their battle to keep going.

Funding for cancer research is epic in its vastness and reach, led by some incredible charities, doing amazing work, but there are also other charities, like Harrison's Fund also working incredibly hard, investing in cutting edge research, backed up by some of the leading scientific minds in the world, to try and save a generation of children before it is too late. But we have to make time for these children to be able to live their dreams.

My hope is that this advert if nothing else will open up a conversation, make people think, look wider than the big players, with the big presence and big budgets and just perhaps join me to help children like Harrison and rid the world of Duchenne.

To watch a video of Alex and this advert please click <a href="http://youtu.be/5Blnb55RZfc"><strong>here.</strong></a>

Alex Smith
Harrison's Dad


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