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29 Nov 2022

I am excited to say that we have qualified to take part in the Big Give Christmas challenge which takes place from TODAY until next Tuesday 6th December.

Which means...

  • For one week only your donations will be DOUBLED.
  • With your help, if we can raise £7,500 it will be match funded and we will receive £15,000.
  • This money will be used to launch our NEW PROJECT.

Our new project will help support families like mine who have had a life-limiting Duchenne diagnosis. We want to help support families with their mental health as they navigate life with Duchenne. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good mental health in our daily lives. For children living with a life-limiting condition, this is even more vital. Having spoken to children with Duchenne, their parents and siblings, I know that there is a huge need for this service. The current estimates are that there are currently 2,500 people living with Duchenne in the UK. The impact of offering every person affected by the condition psychological support could be huge.

I know all too well from my own experience when my now 16-year-old son Harrison was diagnosed the Pediatrician said to me;

"I'm sorry, your son has Duchenne, take him home, love him, give him a good life, he's going to die"

And that was it, no advice, no referral, just simply get on with it. So I did, but that's really not good enough and we feel we can definitely do better, we must do better. I believe that no child or family member should feel like they are going through Duchenne alone. We want to be able to offer free access to psychologists to anyone who is living with Duchenne and also to siblings and parents who will be dealing with their own mental health challenges as a result of having a loved one diagnosed with the condition.

All you need to do is click the link that takes you to our big give page and make a donation.

This is an incredible opportunity for your donation to make TWICE THE IMPACT! The important thing to remember is this is only valid for a week. If you can spare anything to help us get there this Christmas we would be very grateful.

Please click here to make a donation of your choice.

With our sincere thanks and best wishes,

Alex Smith, Harrison's Dad
CEO Harrison's Fund

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